Reach 360

Reach 360 Videos
Branded Documentaries

Studio: NW Documentary
Role:  Producer, Crew
Summary: Created with a mission to serve non-profits, the Reach 360 program is NW Documentary’s original production program.  In 3 years as a producer of Reach 360, I’ve helped lead our team in producing dozens of videos for non-profits in Oregon. These projects not only create crucial content for non-profits, but also employ dozens of media artists and give professional development opportunities to students and interns of NW Documentary. Some of the clients we’ve served include:

OHSU – 10-part series profiling cutting-edge Occupational Health scientists and their research
Community Cycling Center – mission-driven piece featuring cyclist and community activist Laquida Lanford
Dougy Center – Fundraising video for the center for grieving families and children
Confluence Project – Profiling indigenous elders of Northwest tribal communities, telling stories of the Columbia River System


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